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Opalescence Go - 15% Mint - 10 treatments
5 from 4 reviews
Opalescence Go - 15% Mint - 10 treatments

New Opalescence Go features on-the-go convenience with an enhanced UltraFit tray for an even more adaptable and more comfortable whitening experience.

The unique tray material offers an extremely comfortable fit and easily conforms to individual smiles to ensure the maximum amount of gel stays in contact with teeth during whitening.

With no impressions or custom trays necessary, Opalescence Go is ready to use right out of the package!

Available in 10% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 30 - 60 minutes) and 15% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 15 - 20 minutes).

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5 out of 5 (based on 4 reviews)

By Jim Misson on 08/10/2023
The wife loves the trays. Her smile is wonderful. As... Read More

By Vanessa Long on 06/28/2022
Love these so much more than the syringe products. These... Read More

By Eileen McCurdy on 02/18/2022
I have used the product before & I love it!... Read More

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